Green IT: boost your business resilience and scalability with ethical technology.

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Green means go.

Have you considered your green credentials and how refurbished PCs, Laptops, and servers could help you or your clients scale or build resilience into your existing IT infrastructure?

If you’re a startup or a non-profit looking to scale rapidly or enhance your green credentials, there are several compelling reasons to consider refurbished IT equipment. It can offer the scalability you need while aligning with your sustainability goals.

We’ve been helping customers source refurbished kit for over ten years, and the market has gone from strength to strength. There are still cowboys out there; please don’t just buy online without speaking to someone. You know and trust.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text css=””]


Lower Costs and cash flow.

As you’d expect, refurbished equipment is cheaper than buying brand-new equipment of equivalent specification. Sourced from the correct reseller, you’ll get good warranty coverage for 3 – 5 years for a fraction of the original cost.

Often, you can purchase a laptop, for example, for around ½ – 1/3 of its original purchase price, giving you a better specification for your money vs. buying a new one from a random online shop .com.

Spec, more bang for your buck.

This is an important one. We often see small businesses buy consumer-grade devices online because they’re cheaper. These are usually less robust (more plastic/flimsy build) and less serviceable (harder to upgrade memory and replace parts). They also come with Home use software, which means they’re less feature-rich and have fewer business-level management options.

Startups / Non-Profits / scaling quickly, start as you mean to go on.

When on a budget or trying to expand quickly without the budget of large organisations, it is often tempting to cut corners. Why not hit the ground running with a robust, scalable IT solution fit for business and not cobbled together using consumer-grade devices?

Business continuity for all businesses, what happens if?

What about some spare capacity for your existing team? What happens if one of your laptops stops working or your PC doesn’t turn on after a long weekend? You call IT! But with all the will in the world, sometimes things are just broken, or we need to wait for parts to be ordered/delivered.

You could create a hot desk or spare laptop for these breakdowns, work experience students, or casual employees you have on your teams.

Servers, if that’s how you roll.

It’s becoming less common for SMBs to still run on-premise servers with the cost and availability of cloud solutions. But if you still have some legacy apps or are not quite ready to jump, fully refurbished servers are a great choice.

Green, lean sustainability machines.

We all have a responsibility to do our part. Do you need a brand-new laptop to process Word documents, email, and web browsing?

You can buy anything from a standard desktop for basic word processing to high-end graphic design and video editing workstations.

If you have a PC and a laptop for convenience, do both need to be brand new?

If you can’t bring yourself to try it, you can still do your bit by recycling your old kit with local trustworthy IT charities and CICs. We work with a couple, so reach out, and we’ll point you in the right direction.

Practise what we preach.

I’ve written and published this blog article from my refurbished PC, which runs Windows 11 and was purchased for under £300.

Our team of ten all use refurbished laptops / PCs to deliver our services.

Is it any good?

Yes, in our opinion. Why not read more about the benefits of refurbished or green IT: 21 Reasons Why Refurbished IT is the Future | Techbuyer


These are our conversations with our clients annually and when sourcing kits. We want to become part of your team and help drive your business forward with you.

Suppose you’d like to explore refurbished kit more or discuss your IT gremlins with somebody who cares.

Get in touch with me: [email protected]