Maximise your investment: Are you getting best value from Microsoft 365?

It’s tough running an SMB. Finding time to wear all the hats is challenging, so we have to delegate some responsibilities, and IT Support can add real value to your company.

We’re all about helping you get the most out of your tech, and one thing we can certainly help with is getting to know what little gems are hidden (and already paid for) in your Microsoft 365 subscription.

Maximise your investment in Microsoft 365 by exploring these hidden gems.

Microsoft Forms

Capture data from anyone with Microsoft Forms and manipulate it in Excel, trigger automatic actions with Power Automate or store it for a rainy day.

Create surveys, capture customer data, and share internally or externally. Forms give you the power to capture, process and store the data you need to process data flows, trigger the next steps in your processes and drive growth and efficiency. Also it’s included in the Standard subscription models of Microsoft 365.

Microsoft Bookings

Allow customers, teams and stakeholders to book time in your calendar or onto special one-off events.

Create your event, share the calendar online and watch your available slots fill up. You may have used Calendly; bookings offers similar functionality and easily integrates with Outlook and Teams.

Microsoft Stream

is like YouTube, but you’re in control. Microsoft Stream allows you to post, edit and share videos with whoever you wish.

You can keep videos private, for example, in-house training content for your team or share it with your customers, prospects or publish links on your socials & website to boost your marketing.

Microsoft Planner

Create projects and task lists and schedule deadlines. A visual planning tool that allows you and your team to collaborate on projects. Specifically by setting clear targets and allocating workload for transparency and accountability.

Microsoft Viva Insights

Your little personal assistant, get daily email summaries of things you’ve missed. These are reminders to follow up on emails and see what’s been trending on your Teams channels for instance.

Microsoft Viva Engage

Boosts your team, encourages collaboration and learning and allows you to post company announcements and updates to keep your teams updated wherever they’re working. Offering a great way to engage employees and help them feel the benefit of working in you business rather than waiting until the AGM or other big event.

Is your IT Support company giving you the best value?

There are loads of features in Microsoft 365 that hopefully could save time or money for your business. We’re here to highlight them and support you with their implementation, amongst many other things.

With proper dedicated IT Support for your business, you can maximise your technology return on investment and make the most of your existing tools, therefore driving growth and efficiency. Our “Growth” managed service plan includes technology business reviews and annual budgeting sessions.

To find out what else we could help you with or to maximise your investment in technology, give us a shout.