Can better IT Services relieve pressure on Non-profit organisations?


IT Support Services for nonprofits and Charities.

What challenges are charities and non-profit organisations facing?

Here are just a few:

Financial strain:

All small organisations are feeling the pinch; working in over 40 schools, we know that as well as anyone.

How can IT help?

    • Improved communication – all teams face new and varying challenges and have the right tools to deliver when you need them.
    • Better system availability – like servicing your car, it’s less likely to break, or we can predict failure before it happens.
    • Predictable monthly bills – set costs and proactive support can reduce the risk of major outages and avoid surprise bills.
    • Strategic planning – we help you plan a head for growth and emerging technology.

Human resource challenges:

Many nonprofits struggle to attract and retain qualified staff and volunteers. This is due to a competitive job market, burnout, and the often limited financial resources available for compensation.

How can IT help?

    • Marketing / Publicity – give your volunteers and marketers the tools to promote your good work!
    • Low stress, flexible working with the right equipment and tools that just work.
    • Remote work, you may be able to find the right talent further afield with the option to work form home or a remote site.
    • Competition for donations: The number of worthy causes vying for donor attention is constantly growing. This means that nonprofits need to work harder to stand out and effectively communicate their impact to potential supporters.

How can IT help?

    • Back to marketing, with the right tools to capture and share your good work alongside your existing marketing plan.
    • Improved brand awareness and reputation, if you have systems trouble or your team is hard to reach it’s harder to donate.

Cybersecurity threats:

Nonprofits are increasingly vulnerable to cyberattacks. Criminals don’t care if you’re a major corporation or charity they want your money!

With such a diverse skillset often, people can leave your organisation vulnerable to attack. This is where professional IT support really comes into its own.

How can IT Help?

    • Robust cyber protection tools (Software & Firewalls) configured correctly and monitored.
    • Systems with the correct access levels and policies in place.
    • Device and data encryption.
    • Backup & business continuity planning
    • Staff /Volunteer awareness and training,

Back to the original question: Can better IT Services relieve pressure on Non-profit organisations?

Having worked with non-profit organisations for over 12 years, we know that we can make life easier, align your growth strategy to your IT strategy and make a difference to more people in our communities.

Let’s have a chat to arrange a free consultation and review of your current systems.

IT Support Services for charities and non-profit organisations in: Stoke on Trent, Stafford, Stone, Leek and the Staffordshire Moorlands, Macclesfield and surrounding areas by E-Volve IT Support.

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